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The Reflux Rescue
Satisfaction Guarantee

Reflux Rescue comes with a 180 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. That means if you change your mind
about this decision at any point in the next 180 days… all you need to do is contact our US based Customer Service
and we will refund your purchase. No questions asked! You can even keep the bottles as our way of
saying “thanks” for giving Reflux Rescue a try…

This is called out “Favorite Food Guarantee,” and customers love it! Here’s how it works. Take Reflux Rescue every day, as directed, for 6 whole months. If, after 180 days of taking Reflux Rescue, you can’t eat your favorite food without suffering from acid reflux, heartburn, or regurgitation… not only will you get your money back, but we’ll also buy you a 1-month supply of a competitor’s product of your choosing. (This means you’ve got to order our 6 bottle package to quality)

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Complementary Supply of FluxBiotics

MSRP: $120  Today: FREE

As you learned, probiotics were the missing piece that unlocked the power of my Reflux Rescue formula. But, what I didn’t mention, is that I could only include a few of the probiotics because of size limitations. 

My research showed there are 13 other strains proven to be effective for destroying acid reflux and “resetting” digestion. But I simply couldn’t fit them into the pill along with the ingredients we already had.

That’s why I got to work in creating FluxBiotics, which includes these 13 other strains of nourishing probiotics, and which turbocharges the results you’ll get with Reflux Rescue – allowing you to eradicate acid reflux even faster.

FluxBiotics contains 20 billion CFU, making it far superior to most probiotics on the market, and the perfect complement to eradicate heartburn and acid reflux in record time.

So when you decide to order the 6-bottle option of Reflux Rescue, you’ll get two free bottles of FluxBiotics, and when you get the 3-bottle option, you’ll get one free bottle of FluxBiotics. 

The Big Book of Reflux Soothing Recipes

MSRP: $47.00  Today: FREE

Could it be possible to eat pizza, burgers, fried chicken, pancakes, chocolate, ice cream, desserts, and not only avoid heartburn and acid reflux, but also lose belly fat?

Short-answer: YES. 

See, when you use the right foods and avoid the wrong ones, you can help to starve H. pylori of the nutrients it needs to run rampant.

That’s why I created these reflux-soothing recipes, after hundreds of hours of research and trial and error in the kitchen.

And I’m not talking about boring, tasteless recipes.

I’m talking delicious foods you’ll actually be excited to eat, that are also simple and easy to make, so you don’t need to be a gourmet chef or waste a bunch of time in the kitchen.

That’s why every order of Reflux Rescue comes with this free 83-page recipe-book, with easy to follow instructions.

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*For long-term results, we recommend
choosing the 6-bottle option

Natural Formula
Safe Ingredients
Non-Habit Forming
No Stimulants

Real Customers, Real Results!

“Free of acid reflux!”

After the first few months taking this, I discontinued use to see what would happen. It took about a month for the reflux and heartburn to return. After that experiment I have resumed use without a break and am totally impressed. For the cost of about a dollar a day, I get in return a life I never thought would be possible, a life completely free of acid reflux and problems digesting food.

*Results May Vary

Rosa Childs

“I can actually sleep now”

I have an acid reflux problem and always get this burning sensation in my chest, especially right after a meal. I later took an endoscopy and UBT test which confirmed I had H. pylori. Doc prescribed triple antibiotics but I was never one for meds, so I looked for other alternatives. Then I found Reflux Rescue. I didn’t have high expectations but it really helped relieve the discomfort. I can actually sleep now! 

*Results May Vary

David Thomas

“Definitely worth a try”

I’ve had reflux for 2 years. This is definitely worth a try if you need heartburn relief. Tonight I ate hot, spicy food and I didn’t experience any troubles. They also were very fast in shipping my order and it was packaged well.

*Results May Vary

Charles Adams

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Reflux Rescue work again?

My major breakthrough was discovering that acid reflux has nothing to do with your levels of stomach acid…

But instead, it’s triggered by the Dynamite Bacteria called “H. Pylori.”

H. Pylori is the most common bacterial pathogen found in humans…

And at normal levels, it’s totally harmless.

But the problem is that as we get older, it increases…

Combine that with the fact that our digestive system also slows down with age…

And you’re left with a lot of H. Pylori…

Along with a lot of food sitting in your stomach for longer than normal.

That’s bad news, because H. Pylori feeds on this undigested food…

This kicks off a process that produces a bunch of hydrogen gas whirling around your stomach…

Which then shoots stomach acid up into your esophagus…

Causing heartburn so bad you can’t even lay down!

The good news is this means it's possible to STOP this from happening…

If we can just lower the levels of H. Pylori in our stomachs.

The best way to do that is with Chios Mastic…

Along with the four other ingredients inside Reflux Rescue.

Each ingredient has a bunch of scientific studies that show they not only kill H. Pylori…

But they also work wonders for relieving the symptoms of acid reflux…

Like heartburn, lumpy throat pain, and regurgitation.

This makes Reflux Rescue the only acid reflux product of its kind…

A solution that’s proven to work even when everything else has failed.

2. Why haven’t I heard of this powerful acid reflux solution before?

That’s a great question with a simple answer…

Big Pharma makes billions in profits each year from its PPIs and acid-stopping drugs…

And they will stop at NOTHING to preserve that cash cow.

I know that sounds crazy…

But it’s well documented that Pharmaceutical companies fund much of the medical research that determines what your doctor tells you.

The way their model works is quite devious.

Because their drugs don’t work on the root cause, which as you know is H. Pylori…

They actually trap you on a vicious cycle where you need to continue taking them to get relief.

This phenomenon is very well-known and actually has a name: “Acid Rebound.”

When you stop taking PPIs, the acid reflux “rebounds” back…

Forcing you to then hop right back on the drugs.

This is outright terrible…

Because many of these drugs have been recalled for containing cancer-causing chemicals…

Lead to increased risk of hip fracture, pneumonia, kidney disease…

And even cause dementia.

That’s why more than 54,000 Americans have instead turned to Reflux Rescue…

And I’ve already received interest from major newspapers and media outlets about Reflux Rescue…

So far though, I’ve chosen to try and keep this breakthrough underground…

Because the last thing I want is to get even higher up on Big Pharma’s hit list.

All of which really means you must act now…

By selecting your discounted package of Reflux Rescue on this page…

And starting on your journey towards a reflux-free life when it arrives in five short days.

3. Who is Reflux Rescue for?

Reflux Rescue is for ANYONE who suffers from acid reflux, heartburn, throat pain, or regurgitation of any kind.

It’s also a great option for anyone who’s looking to preserve a healthy, strong digestive system for years to come…

Because the ingredients inside have been shown to help keep H. Pylori under control…

And even prevent dangerous and painful stomach ulcers.

There’s also zero side effects, and as long as you check with your doctor, you can take it with other supplements.

4. What happens once I click the “Add to Cart” button below?

Once you choose your package below, you’ll go to my 100% secure checkout page.

Then just enter your payment information and place your order.

After that you’ll receive Reflux Rescue in the next 5 business days…

Which means you’re less than a week away from making your acid reflux a distant memory.

5. This sounds great! But can you remind me about your guarantee?


Reflux Rescue comes with a 180 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That means you order Reflux Rescue today…

Then have a full 6 months to decide if it’s right for you.

If you’re like the 54,000+ people who have used Reflux Rescue already…

Then you will be THRILLED with the results.

But if you’re not for any reason…

Simply call or email my customer service team…

And we’ll refund your investment with zero questions asked.

The best part?

You don’t even need to go through the hassle of sending the bottles back.

This all means you truly have nothing to lose today when you get started.

6. How long will Reflux Rescue be available?

That’s hard to say.

My hope is that Reflux Rescue will make acid reflux a distant memory…

But because Big Pharma is FURIOUS about this breakthrough…

And is spending thousands of dollars on legal fees to try and silence me…

It’s uncertain if I’ll be able to fight them off forever.

That’s why it is important you get Reflux Rescue today…

Especially since it comes with a 180 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Which means there’s zero risk to you.

7. Alright I really want Reflux Rescue! What do I do now?

This part is simple!

Just click one of the buttons below and choose your package.

Then complete your order…

And Reflux Rescue will be in your hands in just five business days from now.

Plus there’s no risk because of my iron-clad 180-day guarantee!

This presentation is now ending…

And I want to say thank you for sticking with me all the way until the end…

Go ahead and choose your package now…

Take Reflux Rescue as directed for at least 30 days…

And I cannot wait to hear about your success story!

Thank you for watching, and God bless.